Our main location is London, Ontario. We are extending our services to other cities depend on the requirements in the area. Please click test location to know what places we conduct them at this time.

We charge $50 plus tax for a test. We will provide the N95 masks for your testing and it includes in the fee. If you need a Full face or Half face mask testing, you need to bring your own mask with the cartridges and filters.

All University, College students will get 20% discount on fee when you have a valid current student ID card or other proof. You can pay student fee while registering and bring the proof when you attend testing.

We will refund the fee if we do not test you provided you email us the refund request within 60days of the test date.

Please check our refund policy here.

Mask Fit Testing is a very safe procedure. We use a spray solution which is Denatonium Benzoate or Saccharin only in individual fit testing. They are safe chemical agents. You can see the MSDs here if you need more details.

You may be able to join our team if you are living in area we are looking to open a new center. We recruit only one person for an area. You should be a registered health care professional to be trained under our agency.

Yes. We will issue a certificate which is valid for 2 years from the date of the test. Certificate has all details of the test including mask size you need to use.