Leading Mask Fit Testing Providers for Better Health & Safety.We conduct N95 Mask Fit Testing & Full or Half Face Respirator Testing.

We provide N95 Mask fit Testing and Full face or Half face respirator testing according to CSA Z94-4-18 Standards in London, Kitchener-Waterloo and Woodstock areas at present. We use Qualitative and Quantitative methods depend on the requirement and number of the participants.

We can visit your Hospital, Medical Clinic, University, College, LTC Home, Retirement home, other workplaces or factories if more than 20 people  to be tested.

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Are you looking to join the Mask Fit Testing session in your workplace or school ?

Please click the following link and select your group session. Then, find an appointment time for you.

Mask Fit Testing session

I already have an appointment. How do I get ready for my fit testing ?

It takes only 15 -20 minutes for the testing. However, there are a few preparations required before your Mask Fit Testing session.

Testing session

Why do you need Mask Fit Testing?

All respirators and testing procedures must follow CSA Z94.4-18 standards set out by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH). They decide the requirements for proper selection of respirators, Fit testing, use and care.

Mask Fit Testing

To organize a mask fit test

You can organize a group mask fit testing session if you are an energetic student in your course to help all your colleagues. All of you will pay with a 20% discount. Send email to us.  We will come to your educational institute. 

You may be a manager or a coordinator in a hospital, university, college or another work setting need mask fit testing for your employees or students. We will come to your place if there are more than 20 participants. Further, everyone will pay less with a 20% discount on fees. 


Organize Mask Fit Test

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